Branch News – March 2014

Richard has been succesful in obtaining Small Business Relief for Littledean and Blakeney Parish Councils. This means that they no longer have to pay Business Rates on their Public Conveniences. Richard commented ” It seems wrong that the Parish Council provides a much needed service to the public and yet were financially penalised for their efforts.”

A bus adorned in the colours of the United Kin...
A bus adorned in the colours of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Richard has been fighting to get a better deal for his constituents who use the number 23 bus service. As Richard explained ” At the moment the last bus leaves Gloucester at 7.10pm. Stagecoach have now decided that the last bus will depart at 5.40. This is completely unfair on my constituents who rely on public transport to get to work. A lot of them work until 6pm and they are going to be stranded.” He is working with the Integrated Transport Unit at Glos CC to see if a service can be put in at a later time. There are a number of problems with bus routes in the Forest and Colin Guyton is looking into route 24.

After extensive lobbying by UKIP members, the Forestry Commission are to undertake a significant management of the Wild Boar in the Forest of Dean.

Richard and Alan Preest were invited to address a Task Force set up in response to UKIP pressure for an inquiry into safety on the A48 following a spate of fatalities in Blakeney.Richard said “It was a very positive meeting. There were a number of proposals advanced which will now, hopefully, be put into action.

UKIP are attending meetings concerning the flooding in Lydbrook with a view to developing a policy to prevent this in the future.

Cut Logs - Forest of DeanAs a result of an FOI request to the Forestry Commission, they have admitted felling 26,000 trees in the Great Houghbrook which may well have contributed to the flooding. In view of the fact that the Forestry Commission have plans to fell more trees in the area, Colin has requested moratorium on the felling until more beter flood protection has been installed.

Colin is also part of a new committee setup to look at the socila and financial ramifications of last year’s badger cull.

UKIP are looking to work with other interested parties to push for a new River Crossing at Minsterworth to help alleviate the congestion at the Highnam Roundabout.


Photo by thomas.hallett


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