Canvassing is Hard Work but So Interesting!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my life, my feet are aching and my nails are split and broken. Three cheers for canvassing!!!

In fairness I have met some lovely dogs, beautiful cats and strengthened my leg muscles after a knee operation last year.

Whether or not I have put Ukip’s message over to the electorate of my ward is yet to be demonstrated on 7th May. I have tried, I have been insulted, my parentage brought into dispute and I have been told to do things which, I think, are biologically impossible.

Richard (Ed:the other UKIP candidate in Bream Ward) and I have been on the campaign trail for what seems to be my entire life; we have had some good laughs, some marvellous responses and met some super people. If I had a pound for every leaflet that I have pushed through, easy, hard, falling apart, finger snatching and dog protected letterboxes I could retire to the Seychelles.

I think the best response I have had which made me laugh was the rather scruffy individual who threw his door open and yelled “Get off my doorstep. I wouldn’t vote Ukip if it was the last party on earth.” I smiled sweetly and as I went to go his lovely lurcher came up to me and as I went to pat it the guy shouted “and get your hands off my dog” I think he thought you could possibly catch Ukip!

Another lady in a dirndl skirt informed me that she was green, well I could vouch for her teeth – they certainly were.

Richard gave me the best laugh of all when after a tirade of abuse from a lady on her doorstep he smiled and said “I take it that’s a no then.” She slammed the door, great stuff.

My best one of all was a guy who had never voted in his life, when we had finished talking he promised to vote Ukip and put a poster up. Result!

It is strange though when you do engage with people they all have exactly the same moans – immigration, pot holes and the NHS. I tell them that maybe I could do something about the pot holes but to control immigration or bail out an overworked NHS they have to vote for Steve (Ed:Steve Stanbury UKIP’s parliamentary candidate in the Forest of Dean) , a lot of the electorate cannot seem to differentiate between the district council and Westminster once you mention parliament they say that they don’t get involved with politics and don’t vote. Are they thick or just fed up? A question I have tried and not been able to answer.

While I have been writing this the electrician has been here to do a job for me and we ended up discussing politics because he had seen the Ukip posters on my wall. He has been Labour all his life and was now going to vote Ukip, Pity he lives in Gloucester but we appear to be taking equal votes from the Tories and Labour which does prove that Britain has had enough.

I think I’ll go and do a bit more canvassing. Goodbye.

Photo by Flicktone