Letters to the Press

Coleford’s Playground?

December 10, 2015 Staff Writer 0

When I was elected as District Councillor for Lydbrook and Ruardean in May one particular resident congratulated me and wished me luck in the “Madhouse” at Coleford. At the time I thought his comment a […]

Letters to the Press

The Conflict in Syria

October 12, 2015 Averil Sumners 0

Many people have contacted Ukip in the Forest of Dean concerned about disparate groups who are organising support for migrants in the camps around Calais. Whilst on the face of it, their efforts are motivated […]

Letters to the Press

Bridge Bashing

August 10, 2015 Alan Grant 0

Why was the article that was printed on the front of the the ‘Review’ (7th August) calling for extra safety measures at Broadoak Bridge?. The tone of the article made it seem that the road and […]

Letters to the Press

The Allaston Development

April 24, 2015 Staff Writer 0

Fuelled by half-truths,misdirected anger,unwarranted personal attacks,witch-hunts, assumption and dare I say it blatant electioneering a few definitive facts need stating regarding the proposed Allaston development. 1, Lydney Town Council have not changed their original stance […]

Letters to the Press

Is Mark Harper Running Scared?

March 23, 2015 Staff Writer 0

In the same way that David Cameron is avoiding proper TV debates, Mark Harper also appears to be running scared of facing his local challengers in head-to-head debates here in the Forest of Dean. Two […]