Huge swing to UKIP in the Forest of Dean!


UKIP in the Forest of Dean enjoyed an incredible night on 2nd May when 3 UKIP councillors were elected to the County Council. In the other 5 seats UKIP came 2nd in 4 and 3rd in 1. The full results were as follows:

    UKIP Tory Labour Lib Dem Independent Green TUSAC Total Position
Blakeney and Bream Richard Leppington 1190 856 1096 208       3350 1st
Cinderford: Ann Guyton 601 275 1080 160   102 28 2246 2nd
Coleford Alan Grant 623 617 825 122 315     2502 2nd
Drybrook and Lydbrook Colin Guyton 824 416 713 74 666 120   2813 1st
Lydney Alan Preest 1075 461 492   347 188   2563 1st
Mitcheldean Tim Congdon 612 772 328 179 1152 120   3163 3rd
Newent John Sullivan 597 988 332 65 575 129   2686 2nd
Sedbury John McOwan 725 872 488 390   311   2786 2nd
    6247 5257 5354 1198 3055 970 28 22109  
    28.26% 23.78% 24.22% 5.42% 13.82% 4.39% 0.13%   1st

Adding to the magnificent success at County level on the same night UKIP also returned their first Forest of Dean District Councillor when Simon Roberts was elected for the Bromsberrow and Dymock ward. Simon beat his Tory opponent gaining 54.3% of the vote.

From the outset of the count it was clear that UKIP were going to have a good night and it very soon became obvious that Alan Preest would record a resounding victory, gaining more that twice the vote of any of his opponents. Chairman Richard Leppington commented “We were always hopeful that Alan would be our first County Councillor and it’s a tribute to the hard work of his and his team that he recorded such a crushing win.”

Other winners on the night were Colin Guyton and Richard Leppington himself. Both counts were much closer than Alan Preest’s and Richard’s count was completed some time after the rest which lead to a nail-biting time for all UKIP supporters present. “I’m absolutely delighted for Richard and Colin particularly as we will all have back-up in the hurly-burly of the County Council chamber” stated Alan, who tried but failed to keep a very contented smile off his face.

Throughout the County Council and the District Council elections the candidates were supported by a great team of supporters and all the candidates paid tribute to their efforts, whether writing and stuffing envelopes, delivering leaflets, erecting signs or spreading the word around the Forest of Dean.

English: A4136 enters the Forest of Dean
A4136 enters the Forest of Dean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There can be no doubt now that if you vote UKIP you get UKIP and the tired old Tory mantra about getting Labour is not relevant. Indeed it is clear that UKIP’s presence actively stopped Labour Councillor’s being returned particularly in Blakeney and Bream and Drybrook and Lydbrook where UKIP pushed them into second place. At County level UKIP is now the largest party in the Forest of Dean returning 3 councillors compared to 2 Tory, 2 Labour and 1 Independent.

If these results can be replicated in 2014 and 2015 we will not only be the largest party in the District Council but we will also have the honour of returning Tim Congdon as our UKIP Member of Parliament for the Forest of Dean.

All the successful candidates are now looking forward to working hard on behalf of their constituents as well the Forest of Dean as a whole to ensure they get the best deal for the area.

Final words came from Election Agent for all the candidates and South West regional organiser for UKIP, Jim Carver “I’m really proud of the way the team has gone about its work and I couldn’t be more delighted for them all. As the full results show UKIP is now a real force in local politics and is determined to build on its success”