Local Election Pledges in the Forest of Dean

The Election draws nearer. You will notice how quiet council election candidates become regarding the local issues that matter. ‘Don’t mention the wild boar, don’t mention the sheep’ etc. etc.   Why? Because politicians need your vote and by discussing emotive issues during an election campaign, you automatically segregate constituents into the ‘aye’s and the ‘nays’ and alienate half the electorate. A dangerous gamble for potential politicians!

I am standing for local election for the first time. I am heartened as a UKIP candidate, that I am not ‘whipped’ by the party. To genuinely represent the local community views, without fear or favour is a privilege that I will not squander, if elected.

So, I am about to buck the trend. To give the voters (Blakeney & Awre) an opportunity to understand my views, BEFORE polling day. There are many issues to discuss, but let’s start with our beautiful forest in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Our green spaces are under attack. Privatisation will be the key, if the next Tory government want to balance the books.

Nick Boles, Conservative Under-Secretary of State (Planning 2012-2014) made this comment “Vast swathes of the countryside will have to be sacrificed to build new homes……..and 100,000 homes will be needed.”

I am whole-heartedly supporting HOOF ( Hands Off Our Forest ). I will actively oppose any privatisation of the Forest, whether to a charitable organisation or private body. I will campaign for a statutory charter for the Forest of Dean that recognises and protects the uniqueness of its landscapes and wildlife. Never will the forest be privatised…not on my watch.

But there is also another side to this argument. The wild boar, are killing off our flora and fauna. The beautiful wild bluebells and primroses, are being destroyed for ever. Uprooted by these feral pigs who produce up to three litter a year.

Our playing fields and verges are being ruined . What next? Our cemeteries, and graveyards?

I love seeing the wildlife in the forest, and I will do all I can to protect the wild boar too. But the next local parliament will need to sit down and stop the cross party politics, and start coming up with a proper management plan before it is just too late. It’s time councillors took their snouts out of the trough, and put some serious cross party discussion into the future of our flora fauna and wildlife…before it’s too late

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