15th May 2017

Parkend Cricket club hit vandals for six

When vandals destroyed the practice nets at Parkend Cricket club, the players and supporters were devastated. As Michael Andrew, youth development officer for the club said ” We run three successful junior sides and two slightly less successful adult teams in a local league. Our junior practice nights attract around fifty children and the nets are a big part of training. We were so disappointed that somebody should do this”
However, thanks to a grant from Gloucestershire County Council Active Together fund the club have been able to replace the damaged nets and buy a bowling machine too.

County Councillor for Parkend Richard Leppington (UKIP Blakeney and Bream) – (pictured), who obtained the grant for the club, said “sport is so important for youngsters in terms of fitness and instilling discipline. I am pleased that I was able to help the club to get the funding that they needed.”

27th March 2017

The Lengthsmen scheme

The Lengthsmen scheme which was piloted in the Forest last year has now been rolled out across the whole of Gloucestershire. Councillor Richard Leppington (UKIP Blakeney and Bream), who lobbied for the initial trial in his division said ” There are lots of jobs like cleaning street signs, emptying culverts and cutting back on vegetation that were not getting done. The Lengthsmen team will pick these up. They will make a huge difference to the community”

The Lengthsmen have already started in Newnham, cleaning and cutting back at Ulawater bus stop and fixing numerous loose paving slabs on the High Street.They have also cleaned gullies in the Awre area.

The picture shows one of the Lengthsmen strimming back undergrowth in Blakeney

17th May 2016

Where’s the money gone?

On the 11th February, the Cabinet of the Forest of Dean District Council reported that £138,000 would have to be refunded to the developer of a proposed Solar Farm at Awre. This was due to errors in the consideration of the planning application.

A far reaching review was promised. The South West Audit Partnership (SWAP) were tasked with the job.

At the meeting of the Audit Committee on 17th March an officer from SWAP gave a verbal update and a written report was promised for the end of April. An extraordinary meeting of the Committee to consider the report could then take place.

To date, no report has been provided for members. Richard Leppington (UKIP Bream) has consistently called for an in depth member review of what went wrong. “My constituents have lost a great deal of money. We could have used this money to keep Council Tax unchanged this year. I want to know what went wrong. I hope that we don’t have to wait as long as we have waited for the Chilcott report into the Iraq War!”

27th March 2016

Potholes in Bream Avenue, Bream

breamroadThrough your letters page I would like to thank the Review for the publicity you generated about the appalling state of Bream Avenue, Bream.
As a result of this publicity and pressure from constituents, I was able to persuade Gloucestershire Highways that a proper long term solution was required. Resurfacing of large areas is being carried out rather than filling potholes.
So thank you for helping to ensure that the roads in my division are fit for purpose.
County Councillor Richard Leppington (UKIP) Blakeney and Bream

5th January 2016
Viney St Swithins Football Club“Like many clubs in the Forest, this football club have struggled to field teams on the pitch and finding the money to keep the club alive off it.
With this in mind, the club approached local County Councillor Richard leppington (UKIP Blakeney and Bream) for a grant of £3000 from the Active Together fund for essential equipment , including a line marker and a heavy duty mower. The grant also paid for training bibs,footballs, corner flags, playing kit and goal nets. The club also boasts a new web site. In addition, the money helped to finance football training for two coaches. Club spokesman Simon James said ” we are trying to take the club forward but have been hampered by the tough economic climate. As money from local sponsors has got tighter, we have really struggled. This is why we are so grateful to Councillor Leppington for assisting us.” Richard Leppington added ” With the ground and facilities being improved and the introduction of qualified coaches I am confident that the club will attract more players and raise it’s profile in the community. I am pleased that I have been able to help ”

10th December

Whitecroft Football ClubSeen any flying pigs?

“I reckon only a flying pig could get in now !” This was the comment of Councillor Richard Leppington as he surveyed the new ” boar proof” fence at Whitecroft Football Club.
The fence was put up with funding from an Active Together  grant of £6360 from Gloucestershire County Council.
Sandra Giddins from Whitecroft FC told us ” The wild boar were constantly getting onto the pitch , digging it up and making it impossible for the lads to play. This has meant that we have had to cancel lots of games. With the new fencing we can ensure that matches actually go ahead ” Councillor Leppington added ” The committee have done a great job in keeping football alive in the village. I was glad that I was able to help them out”
The new fencing seemed to bring Whitecroft luck as they powered to a 3 nil win against Puma!

12th October

sheepI totally sympathise with the resident who wrote to complain about the sheep mess in Bream.
This situation has blighted the community for many years with numerous efforts by different agencies all proving unproductive.
Now, however, there are renewed efforts afoot to crack down on irresponsible shepherding. With the full support of West Dean Parish Council, Bream Councillor Hyett and myself have persuaded the Forest of Dean District Council to set up a task force to address the problem. In addition, the UKIP group will be bringing forward a motion at Full Council calling for the persons concerned to be billed for the cost of clearing up after their sheep.
County and District Councillor Richard Leppington

13th September

The Forest of Dean says No!

NOAs net migration figures continue to hit new records a recent poll stated that the majority of the British public consider it to be one of their biggest concerns.

Mass immigration was neither asked for or wanted by the British people. The cumulative effect is being felt across public services nationwide. In the Forest this is manifested in more and more houses having to be constructed to accommodate an ever growing population. The time has now come for an Australian style immigration policy that gives work permits to those that our economy needs and says no to those it does not.

Whilst Britain remains in the EU we cannot introduce effective border controls. When the referendum comes, the British people will get their chance to reject open borders by saying NO to remaining in the European Union.

The cross party Forest of Dean Says No to the EU campaign is currently being launched. If you would like to get involved, we will be at the Vintage Show at the Speech House on 13th September. Look out for the EFDD tent and come and have a chat with us.

31st August

Blakeney Green Community Project

Blakeney Community GreenBlakeney Community Green is now the proud owner of a new all purpose skate and cycle track for children and teenagers.
The project is part of the recent regeneration of the area. The track was funded with a grant of £4700 from Gloucestershire County Council’s Active Together scheme. The “brains” behind the whole concept was well known local community activist Rose Peatey. Rose commented ” This is a great open space where youngsters can skate and cycle in a safe environment”
UKIP County Councillor for Blakeney, Richard Leppington said ” I was delighted to be able to help Rose. She has done such a lot for the community in Blakeney. She is a real unsung hero”
In the pictures are Rose Peatey, County Councillor Richard Leppington and Lawrence Kettle and staff who were the contractors for the project

29th June

Since becoming District Councillor for Pillowell Alan Grant has been inundated by complaints about free roaming sheep in Yorkley, Whitecroft and Parkend. As Alan said “This is clearly unacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue unchecked. My constituents are fed up with the sheep. I aim to get something done about it!”
Richard Leppington, the District Councillor agreed. “A large amount of my postbag is about sheep nuisance. I have asked Forest of Dean District Council to clean up the worst affected areas particularly near the school. However, I don’t know how long we can continue to do this. The cost to the taxpayer is rising all the time. In 2013 /14 it was £600. Last year it had gone up to £1600″

20th May 2015

On Wednesday 20th May, County Councillor for Blakeney and Bream, Richard Leppington, proposed a motion for debate by Full Council. ” In the light of recent child sexual exploitation cases in places such as Rotherham, Gloucestershire County Council calls on all Gloucestershire MPs to press the Government to introduce a Disruptions Order Bill under which adults who are suspected of grooming children for the purposes of sexual exploitation could have their activities curtailed.”
The bill would allow social workers and the police to intervene when they suspect that a child may be in danger of being exploited. Councillor Leppington stated “Protecting vulnerable children is one of the most important responsibilities for us as Councillors. I am anxious that all agencies should have the necessary tools at their disposal to stop the actions of the grooming gangs”
Council agreed that the matter now be referred to the Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny Committee

25th March 2015

Magna Carta

At a meeting on 25th March 2015 at Shire Hall UKIP Councillors Richard Leppington and Alan Preest were successful in passing a motion calling on Gloucestershire County Council to organise a suitable commemoration of the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.
Councillor Leppington said “I believe that Magna Carta is worth celebrating. I can think of no greater legacy than the events in a field at Runnymede 800 years ago to help our young people to understand the importance of the basic rights and freedoms we enjoy today”
A suitable commemorative event will now be organised by the County Council

11th February 2015

It is clear that only UKIP has the courage and honesty to talk about the real priorities of working people. So while the discredited old parties resort to personal attacks, UKIP will offer an ambitious, positive and optimistic alternative

22nd December 2014

Local News

UKIP Parliamentary candidate Steve Stanbury formally challenges sitting MP Mark Harper and Labour’s Mr Parry-Hearn to a debate on “Should Forest Taxpayers Give £356,000 a Week to Foreign Aid?”

3rd December 2014

Local News

UKIP Forest of Dean were out in force in Lydney on Saturday morning. There was strong support from local shoppers. A Tory walk about by Mark Harper failed to materialise. Never mind. Whenever the Tories show, we will be there to meet them

24th November 2014

Cinderford Walkabout with Steve Stanbury

It was a short hop over from Steve’s new home in the Forest at Blakeney to meet the shoppers of Cinderford last Saturday. Despite the misty conditions UKIP was out in force and got the warm reception that is normal these days. Most people were glad to see UKIP and desperate for a change in the Forest.

Peter Jones  demanded to know “Why can’t we get ASDA into Cinderford?” Steve agreed and promised to do all he could to sort things out. “I think a new supermarket would create 2-300 jobs, but Mark Harper put up posters saying ‘NO!’ in his window ”

21st November 2014

Contractors for Gloucestershire county council were today putting the finishing touches to the School Safety zone at Soudley. The work included the installation of 20mph flashing signs and warning signs painted on the road near the school. The project finally came to fruition after a sustained campaign by residents, Soudley Parish Council and County Councillor Richard Leppington.
Councillor Leppington said ” It has certainly taken some effort to get highways to do this. However, they have now done a really good job and this should keep the children safe. None the less, there are still a few reckless drivers who continue to use this stretch as a racetrack . The police have assured us of greater enforcement action which should deal with the problem”

6th November 2014

Richard Leppington has been appointed as County Council representative on the committee driving the Lydney to Parkend Multi Use Path project.
Richard said ” This is a really exciting scheme that will be of benefit to business, tourism and the health and welfare of people in the Forest. We will now be actively pursuing ways of funding the development



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