logo1Transport and Roads

Improve road maintenenace, mending potholes and resurfacing as a priority rather than council vanity schemes. Upgrade public transport and increase provision of free parking to regenerate town centres. Proper maintenance to culverts to reduce flooding.

logo1 Education

Build more grammar schools; reinstate the student grant and educational maintenance allowance.

logo50Economy and Enterprises

Reduce tax and business costs to stimulate the local economy. Make it easier for smaller and local businesses to tender for local authority contracts.


Improve local services by providing good management and sensible planning. Working with and energising local volunteers and community groups. End EU open door immigration and put local people first to reduce pressure on local services.


Planning and Housing; Prioritise and provide incentives to reuse Britain’s empty homes. Build on brown field sites and protect green belt wherever possible.

logo50Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

Free the police from form filling and get them on the streets. Overhaul the system to make sentences meaningful, rehabilitate offenders, deport foreign criminals and tackle anti-social behaviour.

logo50Public Health and Social Care

Have local communities at the heart of health care and improve care for elderly. Oppose cuts to frontline doctors, surgeons, dentists and nurses and remove failing managers and executives.

logo50Local Government

Stop the “Gravy Train” by reducing council executive pay, councillor’s allowances and unnecessary departments doing politically correct things such as diversity monitoring. Keep the council to their statutory responsibilities only.