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The Lengthsmen scheme

Lengthsmen schemeThe Lengthsmen scheme which was piloted in the Forest last year has now been rolled out across the whole of Gloucestershire. Councillor Richard Leppington (UKIP Blakeney and Bream), who lobbied for the initial trial in his division said " There are lots of jobs like cleaning street signs, emptying culverts and cutting back on vegetation that were not getting done. The Lengthsmen team will pick these up. They will make a huge difference to the community"

The Lengthsmen have already started in Newnham, cleaning and cutting back at Ulawater bus stop and fixing numerous loose paving slabs on the High Street.They have also cleaned gullies in the Awre area.

The picture shows one of the Lengthsmen strimming back undergrowth in Blakeney

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The Budget – A Wasted opportunity

In today’s Budget the Chancellor has missed opportunities galore. UKIP are especially disappointed to note that the scandalous waste of money spent on foreign aid is [...]


Energy prices? Blame the politicians!

 Energy prices? Blame the  politicians!

I've said it so many times, but it seems we have to keep on saying it: it was the politicians who did it, not the energy companies. It was
Brussels that set up its climate and energy package with its wholly unrealistic emissions targets. It was our UK government that passed the Climate Change Act (with only a handful of votes against) - which actually went beyond what Brussels had demanded. Read More....

Farage on Friday

Farage on Friday

There's little doubt UKIP is the most demonised party in Britain Read More....

The Truth About Trade Beyond the EU

Trade Leafle resize
Click on the Image to Read why we are Better Off Out!

EU ‘Robin Hood’ tax could wipe £3.6bn off pensions

EU ‘Robin Hood’ tax could wipe £3.6bn off pensions

Up to £3.6billion could be wiped off the value of British pensions under European plans for a tax on financial transactions, a report warned yesterday .... Read More....

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Watch our video on the Party’s common sense view of immigration

Watch our video on the Party’s  common sense view of immigration

A new video highlighting UKIP's common sense politics on immigration has just been released. It addresses the concerns that are often expressed by ordinary people and suggests that it is time for an open and mature debate on the issue. You'll find it on the front page of

Euro plans to change road signs will lead to a cul-de-sac of confusion

Euro plans to change road signs will lead to a cul-de-sac of confusion

Plans to replace some British road signs with standardised European ones are "more sinister, controlling EU moves," says UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall..