Positive UKIP Open Meeting in Coleford

Coleford Meeting

Coleford came alive to the buzz from the People’s Army as UKIP MEP William Dartmouth spoke to a crowd of over fifty people at Coleford Methodist Church last Thursday. He took time out to explain that even the 90% of companies that do not trade with the EU are still burdened by all of its bureaucracy.

“Getting out of the EU,” he said, “would give us a boost equal to 10% of everything we make today. We don’t have to be in the EU to trade with the Europe; the two ideas are entirely different”.

Professor Tim Congdon, who led on the theme “They are stealing our country, we must vote UKIP to save it”, backed him.

Lydney, County Councillor, Alan Preest, regaled the audience with stories that could have come straight from “Yes, Minister” and brought knowing sighs when he explained how the Forest of Dean cabinet of just five members could override the wishes of the other forty three councillors. His unspoken message was – Just watch this space when UKIP take the majority.

The speakers were rewarded with extended applause, but possibly the loudest acclamation was reserved for Leonard Ruck; an audience member, but not a member of UKIP; who spoke passionately about the need to get out of the EU now before they destroy everything that Forest people generally held dear.

The mood was lightened by Dave Harvey, the renowned and published, Forest of Dean poet who charmed the crowd with a poem that he dashed off earlier that evening, forcefully condemning the old political parties for damaging the Forest way of life.

The evening was rounded off by County Councillor Richard Leppington who invited everyone to coffee and a chat about the “State of the Nation”, during which he pointed out that “Labour stands for everything that is wrong with the UK. They support everybody else’s interest except Britain’s”.

Everyone went off home happily with plans for future events and new members signing-up to the UKIP advance.