Project Fear Climbdown!

Only weeks ago US President Obama stood outside No.10 Downing Street and told us that if we left the EU we “would be at the back of the queue” so far as US/UK trade was concerned.

We who knew he was only repeating, parrot fashion, David Cameron‘s words were proved right on Friday night when that same US President was the first world leader to welcome us back into the international community by assuring us that the traditional relationships with the United Kingdom would be respected and maintained by the USA.

One lie from the government nailed; how many more are there to uncover by both blue and red (mis)leaders of our country over the following few months and years?

We can begin with the (mis)leaders in both Scotland and Northern Ireland who are still pretending, and lying to their people, that they can both be in the EU, and independent, at the same time. They can’t since, as will soon be proved, the EU was making over 70 per cent of UK law and will continue to do so in both Scotland and Northern Ireland should they vote to remain in the EU, an act which will see them both reduced to very minor puppets in a German dominated Europe. In any case, the EU will not last long and around ten ‘member states’ are widely expected to follow the UK out of the mess it has made for itself now we have, yet again, led the way forward. By leaving both the UK, and following the break up of the EU, the probability is that Ireland will become unified once again, against the wishes of most living in the North, while Scotland becomes a poor, failed, but ‘independent’ country north of a successful England and Wales co-operative.

We have also seen that the ‘massive slump’ of sterling on the world stage was caused because ‘the markets’ were so convinced that we would not leave the EU that traders gambled with our currency and lost; the ‘slump’ was caused by them, not us leaving the EU.