Steve Stanbury – Parliamentary Candidate for the Forest of Dean

UKIP Forest of Dean has chosen Steve Stanbury as its Parliamentary Candidate for the 2015 General Election

steveLocal Pledge:
Steve has pledged to move to the Forest by the end of the month.  He currently lives in London and volunteers at UKIP’s London HQ.  He said:  “This is a vitally important seat for our Party and it deserves full-time commitment.  Our campaign here cannot be fought only at weekends, or by someone commuting from outside the constituency.”

Personal Background:
Steve is the eldest of 5 children and grew up in the rural Sussex.  His father is a working man and after service with the RAF was employed by British Airways as a radio engineer.  He attended a state comprehensive school, a technical college and then Leicester Polytechnic.  Steve said: “As a large family, we managed on a tight budget.  I had dozens of Saturday jobs and leant from an early age about hard work and the value of money.
Although I now run my own successful family business, I know from personal experience what it’s like work hard and raise a family on a modest income.”

Steve is married to Linda, who is a committed UKIP member and a great supporter.  She will be by my side, and will play an active and energetic part in our 8 month campaign.
He has three wonderful children, James 21, Sarah 20, and Charlie 15.  “Family life is challenging, expensive but incredibly rewarding!”

Political Values:
•    I believe in an independent Britain, free again to make her own laws in our own parliament.
•    The heart of our political message must be fairness, freedom and common sense.
•    Above all, UKIP must speak up for ordinary people who feel totally ignored and let down by the pro-EU, pro-mass immigration and out of touch political class at Westminster.
•    We need to demonstrate to working people that only UKIP are “on your side” and “share your values” about what Britain should be.

Our Local Campaign:
•    If selected, I will put everything into working alongside you to mount an effective, hard-hitting and winning election campaign.
•    I don’t pretend to have a broad knowledge of the important local issues today, but I will work hard with all of you to fully understand all the local issues, challenges and opportunities for this constituency.
•    I believe my role is to co-ordinate and lead a vigorous and hard-hitting election campaign – in partnership with and involving every member of our local branch.
•    Our campaign will also include an effective local campaign, designed to win more council seats in May – and build upon your success in the last council elections.
•    I will work hard to raise money for a strong campaign, attracting funds from both within and from outside the constituency.
•    I will invest my own money in our campaign, making sure we have a high profile high street UKIP shop, hundreds of rural posters and good campaigning literature.
•    Above all, I pledge to work tirelessly – canvassing, leafleting, and most importantly of all, meeting and listening to local people from all parts of the Forest of Dean community.

Photo by micronova