Thumbs Down to the Westminster Bubble

thumbs down photoWatching the news on Saturday night and reading the Tory press is always interesting in a fantasy way. This week it is “Bad week for UKIP” that they are peddling and shows again their blinkered approach when taking into account the views of the population of this country.

My highlights of the week were:

  1. Cyril Smith and the LibDems at the centre of a paedophile storm.
  2. Labour apparently needing to cut ties with the inept and maybe corrupt Co-Operative Society which will cause them considerable financial embarrassment
  3. Tory Quango appointee being forced to resign because he failed to declare that he had gone bankrupt.
  4. Boris Johnson continuing to play ducks and drakes with his shall I become an MP or not routine.
  5. Labour think tank not happy with the Party’s direction. Too middle class whatever that means.
  6. Tory MPs and Councillors panicking about the rise of UKIP and threatening to split the party.
  7. HS2 adding to the pressure on the Tories.
  8. Lib/Lab/Con local councillors being forced to resign for all sorts of misdemeanours including theft from the Royal British Legion.
  9. Blair apparently using his influence to make sure the publication of The Chilcott Enquiry continues to be delayed.

The “Bad News” for UKIP in the week:

  1. First nationwide billboard campaign
  2. EU election leaflets delivered to every house in the country
  3. Nigel Farage addresses an audience of around 1000 in Gateshead
  4. Membership continues to rise while all the other parties haemorrhage support
  5. A Yougov poll at the weekend showed UKIP in the lead for the EU elections.

If that is a bad week I can’t wait for the press coverage when UKIP has a good week!



Photo by Ben124.