UKIP Election HQ Opens in Cinderford

Steve Stanbury, UKIP’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Forest of Dean was joined by

Chris Higgs, Lydney’s famous Welterweight Boxing Champion, and Dave Harvey, the famous Forest Poet and Miner, for a campaign launch and opening ceremony at UKIP’s new Election Campaign HQ and Advice Surgery in Cinderford.

The UKIP Campaign HQ, at 22 High Street Cinderford, GL14 2SH, was officially opened at 11.00am on Saturday 7th February 2015, exactly 3 months ahead of the elections on 7th May.

  • Chris Higgs cut the ribbon and urged UKIP to “Deliver a knock out blow for real people and common sense” in the forthcoming elections.
  • Dave Harvey read a poem he had written for the occasion and said: “I’m proud to support UKIP in the Forest.”

Over 50 local UKIP members attended the event and listened to rousing speeches from Councillor Richard Leppington, UKIP Forest of Dean’s Constituency Chairman, and Steve Stanbury, UKIP’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Forest of Dean.

Speaking at the HQ opening on 7th February, Steve Stanbury said:

 “This UKIP Campaign HQ opening marks the official launch of UKIP’s campaign in the Forest of Dean. With exactly 3 months to go, we will be out and about talking and listening to real people and campaigning for long over-due change in our country.”

He added:

“Hundreds of residents across the forest have voiced their support for UKIP and say they feel abandoned by the old parties and increasingly attracted by UKIP’s positive common sense message on issues ranging from: Local control over house building proposals, wind farm and solar array applications – to national issues such as immigration, foreign aid and fairer and lower taxes.”

Councillor Richard Leppington said:

 “UKIP intends to field candidates in at least 80% of all 48 wards in the Forest of District Council elections on 7th May. Building on our success in the 2013 County Council elections, where UKIP topped the poll across the Forest of Dean, we anticipate taking many district council seats in May. Local people are fed up with a complacent do-nothing council and are crying out for real change and positive policies that matter to local families.”