UKIP support the return of Grammar Schools to Gloucestershire

A UKIP Councillor from the Forest of Dean is to table a motion at Gloucestershire County Council on Wednesday calling on the County’s six Conservative MPs to support the creation of new Grammar Schools throughout Gloucestershire.

Councillor Richard Leppington, who represents the Blakeney and Bream Division, said :- ” Prime Minister Theresa May has recently expressed her support for the reintroduction of Grammar Schools in order to ensure that academically gifted young people from modest homes can be certain of a good start in life and get the education they need and deserve. I am pleased to see that Mrs May has now adopted this long established UKIP policy, and that she wants to join with UKIP in reversing the decades long educational vandalism of previous Labour and Conservative Governments.

It is absolutely ridiculous that such youngsters resident in the Forest of Dean are currently bussed all the way into Gloucester or even to Cheltenham to be sure of a Grammar School education, in so doing unnecessarily lengthening their school day, making it difficult for them to participate easily in sporting and other extra curricular activities, and displacing their peers in Gloucester and Cheltenham from attending Grammar Schools close to their own homes.

If the UK is to remain competitive in the world of the future, we must copy the tried and tested formula employed in many other countries such as Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy and ensure that there is a Grammar School in every town, as well as fully and properly funded Technical High Schools for more practically inclined young people.

Deeds speak louder than words, and my motion will call on all six Conservative MPs in Gloucestershire to follow both UKIP and the Prime Minister’s lead, and to declare their unequivocal support for the reintroduction of Grammar Schools throughout our County.

Richard Leppington
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Richard is the District Councillor for the Bream Ward on the Forest of Dean District Council and a member of the Cabinet