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    Russia and the EU

    In its 7th June issue The Spectator magazine carried a fascinating article by John O’Sullivan, a former speech-writer for Lady Thatcher, on Russia’s current [...]
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    A Whiff of the EU

    UKIP is not against Europe just the European Union. We have seen how excessive regulation from the EU drive many small firms to the point of distraction. Here is yet another [...]
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    Road safety in the Forest of Dean

    At the May meeting of Full Council for Gloucestershire County Council a motion on Road Safety was proposed by the UKIP group. The motion was proposed by Richard Leppington [...]
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    Contrast and Compare

    A well-worn phrase from my teachers at Grammar School in the Sixties when they wanted me to put forward a balanced argument when answering exam questions. Not at all like the [...]
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Massive Solar Farm proposed in Lydney

The proposed solar farm on the Purlieu described rather inaccurately (one can only wonder whether deliberately or not) as Nibley Mill Solar Farm is halfway between Lydney and [...]


Energy prices? Blame the politicians!

 Energy prices? Blame the  politicians!

I've said it so many times, but it seems we have to keep on saying it: it was the politicians who did it, not the energy companies. It was
Brussels that set up its climate and energy package with its wholly unrealistic emissions targets. It was our UK government that passed the Climate Change Act (with only a handful of votes against) - which actually went beyond what Brussels had demanded. Read More....

We’ll tackle scandalous zero hour contracts

Farage on Friday

You will find no keener champion of free enterprise and competition than me. But where a few big players dominate things, competition can fail and people can end up getting exploited.... Read More....

Out of the EU | Into the World

Out of the EU | Into the World

The UK does not need to be in a Political Union in order to Trade and Other Inconvenient Truths... Read More....

EU ‘Robin Hood’ tax could wipe £3.6bn off pensions

EU ‘Robin Hood’ tax could wipe £3.6bn off pensions

Up to £3.6billion could be wiped off the value of British pensions under European plans for a tax on financial transactions, a report warned yesterday .... Read More....

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UKIP ethnic candidates fight back against opposition slurs

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UKIP RT @Nigel_Farage: Really sad to hear about the fire at Eastbourne Pier. I'm fond of piers, they really help make many seaside towns what th…
UKIP .@Steven_Woolfe “UKIP wants to control the number and quality of migrants from around the globe to help our economy."
UKIP .@Steven_Woolfe: “The million Britons currently unemployed must surely be asking why the UK is a member of the EU"
UKIP .@Steven_Woolfe “Britain should look after our own workers first. UK citizens have obviously been taken for a ride by the EU.”
UKIP .@Steven_Woolfe: "These stats show the unequal nature of our current migration policy which puts Europeans before Britons"

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Britain needs a return to academic selection

Britain needs a return to academic selection

Britain needs a return to academic selection to restore excellence, says UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP.... Read More....

Watch our video on the Party’s common sense view of immigration

Watch our video on the Party’s  common sense view of immigration

A new video highlighting UKIP's common sense politics on immigration has just been released. It addresses the concerns that are often expressed by ordinary people and suggests that it is time for an open and mature debate on the issue. You'll find it on the front page of

Taxpayers’ £150 million bill to get rid of illegal immigrants

Taxpayers’ £150 million bill to get rid of illegal immigrants

The true scale of Britain’s “open door” policy is laid bare in official figures showing how 16 individuals have fought deportation for so long their bed and board alone has cost £1.5million.... Read More....