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County Councillor Richard Leppington has been appointed Vice Chairman of the newly formed Forest of Dean Road Safety Liason Group. The newly constituted body came into being following UKIP pressure on Gloucestershire County Council to reinstate the group after a series of fatalities on Forest roads.

Richard said "This group will give the people of the Forest, the opportunity ,through their elected representatives to have a say on road safety issues in the Forest"

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Planning out of control?

Like most casual observers, I was not quite sure what to think of the new planning rules, brought in by the coalition over the last few years. I do recall noting the howls of [...]


Energy prices? Blame the politicians!

 Energy prices? Blame the  politicians!

I've said it so many times, but it seems we have to keep on saying it: it was the politicians who did it, not the energy companies. It was
Brussels that set up its climate and energy package with its wholly unrealistic emissions targets. It was our UK government that passed the Climate Change Act (with only a handful of votes against) - which actually went beyond what Brussels had demanded. Read More....

The EU have embarrassed Cameron

Farage on Friday

THE problem with using conveniently-timed foreign crises to distract from domestic difficulties is that they depend on favourable subsequent developments in order to endorse the claim of being the saviour of the hour, rather than the failure.... Read More....

Out of the EU | Into the World

Out of the EU | Into the World

The UK does not need to be in a Political Union in order to Trade and Other Inconvenient Truths... Read More....

EU ‘Robin Hood’ tax could wipe £3.6bn off pensions

EU ‘Robin Hood’ tax could wipe £3.6bn off pensions

Up to £3.6billion could be wiped off the value of British pensions under European plans for a tax on financial transactions, a report warned yesterday .... Read More....

UKIP ethnic candidates fight back against opposition slurs

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UKIP We need as many volunteers as possible to help @MarkReckless' campaign in Rochester and Strood, are you able to help?
UKIP Britain has burned countless billions propping up the catastrophic EU project. Now Brussels is ruthlessly billing us for more, £1.7bn more
UKIP RT @Steven_Woolfe: Doing a live radio interview with BBC Lancashire from my office in Chester!
UKIP Check out the latest #FarageOnFriday 'The British taxpayers are the real losers' after new EU cash demand
UKIP RT @Nigel_Farage: It's not often I have a lot to thank the EU Commission President for, but @BarrosoEU has been on a bit of a roll this week

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Steve Stanbury – Parliamentary Candidate

Steve Stanbury - Parliamentary Candidate

UKIP in the Forest have elected Steve Stanbury as our Parliamentary Candidate. To read all about Steve and his "local pledge" Click Here

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Watch our video on the Party’s common sense view of immigration

Watch our video on the Party’s  common sense view of immigration

A new video highlighting UKIP's common sense politics on immigration has just been released. It addresses the concerns that are often expressed by ordinary people and suggests that it is time for an open and mature debate on the issue. You'll find it on the front page of