Serious Political Debate in 2015

Firstly a Happy New Year to everyone in the Forest of Dean.  2015 will be an important year in politics, as locally we will re-elect our District Council, and nationally we prepare for one of the closest General Elections in a generation.  UKIP today sends out this message to our colleagues in the other political parties: “Let’s all agree to live up to the highest standards of political debate, to focus on the real issues that matter to hard working people, and avoid negative personal insults”.  In this year of celebrating 800 years of Magna Carta, let’s show that here in the Forest of Dean, our democratic process is mature, rational and relevant to the people we wish to serve.

On the national stage our country faces a real choice – between the three established Lib-Lab-Con parties who are dis-connected with real people and the issues they care about – and with new parties such as UKIP, offering fresh, honest and positive solutions for Britain.

The Westminster elites have drifted away from the values of the people.  The Tories once stood for democracy and the defence of our nation.  But their support of the un-democratic EU, and their breaking of the Military Covenant with savage defence cuts shows that they no longer share these values.  And Labour, once a proud and honest party for working people, is now obsessed by political correctness.  Labour’s embrace of un-controlled mass immigration, at whatever cost to local living standards, and its support of ruinous green taxes to push up energy costs – are two of many examples of why they are no longer seen as the natural party of working people.

UKIP is the grass-roots party of the people, and has emerged to fill the common sense centre-ground vacated by the old parties.  Our call for fair immigration policies, for lower taxes and fuel bills, for real democracy in Westminster and true accountability locally will strike a chord with the British people.

Photo by Euro Realist Newsletter